FB Banner

Banner for Facebook for a benefit party for a school in Uganda. 

Ass ass ass
A3 Poster, Riso print

The title of this poster reffers to the song ‘Ass N Titties’ from DJ Assault. 
The poster was made for a birthday party at Bar Gloed in the Antwerp tower with Deejays Nasty Nag and 2Chairs.

A2 Poster, Cheque

Check is a birthday cheque for Ties Bemelmans and Frank Stabel.

‘Hundred Dolla Bill$’ refers to the sentence ‘A hundred dollar bills look at you’ from the song ‘Everyone Nose’ from N.E.R.D. 
‘Haring’ refers to their street, they live in the Haringrodestraat.

Vinyl For — Sale
Artwork, Poster, flyer & banner

Artwork for Vinyl For — Sale, the vinyl fair from the Goegekregen group.
The size of a cd and the size of a vinyl were the inspiration for the flyer, poster and Facebook banner.

Marie Grégoire
Antwerp, Belgium